Find & use ebooks

How do I find ebooks?

We subscribe to multiple ebook packages, giving you access to millions of titles online.

Browse multi-disciplinary collections

  • (select the eBooks tab at the top of the page)
  • (scroll down to "Our Content" and select Books)
  • (formerly Safari Books Online) STEM plus digital media and business
  • (select Online Books)
  • (select the Books button)
  • STEM, health sciences, social sciences, and humanities (select Books under "Publication type")

Browse subject-specific collections

  • (PsycNET ebook collections)
  •   (chosen by the American Historical Association)
  • (select the Books tab)
  • for optics and photonics (select EBOOKS)
  • for medicine, nursing, and pharmacy

Search online

  1. Use  and limit material type to Books
  2. From your search results, filter to Full text online

How can I tell if the library has my required textbook?

If you're a student, check your student booklist on the UA BookStores' website (see "How do I access my booklist?" under ). For each textbook, select Check UA Library for ebook ». You can also look in the Library Tools on your D2L Brightspace course sites. Course ebooks will be featured in the upper right corner.

If you're an instructor and you submit your required course materials through the UA BookStores' , the library will automatically check for a multi-user ebook version of your required textbook(s). We buy these whenever they're available. Unfortunately, ebook licensing works differently for academic libraries than it does for individuals. Publishers make most titles unavailable to us as multi-user ebooks for course use. If you have questions about a specific title, please contact your librarian or Cheryl Cuillier in Content & Collections.

What devices can I use to view ebooks?

All ebooks are laptop and desktop friendly. Offline reading on mobile devices is possible with the following apps:

  • Bluefire Reader for Apple/Android
  • Adobe Digital Editions for Nook/Sony Readers
  • PDF Viewer in Kindle or other mobile devices
  • The ebook platform's app

Each individual ebook contains information about device support.

How many people can access an ebook at once?

The number of simultaneous users varies for individual books. We buy multi-user access whenever possible. Sometimes, only one user at a time can download a book (until the book is returned). Contact us if you have questions about a specific title.

How can students in courses work together to minimize ebook turnaways?

Turnaways happen when a 1-user or 3-user license exceeds its maximum number of simultaneous users. Our Ebook Central and EBSCO ebooks will autoupgrade and allow additional users if that option is available. If not, users get a turnaway notice.

To minimize turnaways when an ebook is being used in a course:

  • Close the browser tab when you're done reading the ebook online. This will make the ebook available for another user.
  • Don't download the whole ebook at once (Springer and Wiley ebooks are exceptions — they allow you to easily download the entire ebook and keep it). 
  • Download chapters or pages instead of the full ebook (see "Get help" links below). In Ebook Central and EBSCO, there's often a limit on the number of pages you can download at once. This limit for EBSCO ebooks resets when you close the browser tab; the limit for Ebook Central ebooks resets each day. Eventually you can download all of the chapters as PDFs. With Ebook Central and EBSCO chapter downloads, the PDFs don't expire (they sometimes do with full-book downloads). 
  • If ebook content is the basis for homework or test questions, don't wait to access the ebook the night before! Plan ahead and download chapters in advance.

Can I download, save, or print borrowed ebooks?

007真人网址Individual ebooks contain information about downloading, printing, and saving. Some ebooks can be downloaded for a specified period of time. But keep in mind that downloading an entire book may impact multi-user access, and may also require creating an account from the vendor's website and installing additional software.

The number of pages you can print or save also varies by provider. In general:

EBSCO Ebook Collection007真人网址: Print up to 60 pages. Some publishers allow you to download the entire book for up to 21 days.

ProQuest Ebook Central: Print up to 40% of books. Download entire books for 1-14 days, depending on publisher.

O'Reilly (formerly Safari Books Online): You can print individual sections of a book. You cannot download an entire book.

ScienceDirect007真人网址: Download each chapter (PDF) to print or save.

SpringerLink: Download each chapter (PDF) to print or save. You can also download the entire book.

Wiley Online Library007真人网址: Download each chapter (PDF) to print or save. You can also download the entire book.

How can I get help with ebook accessibility?

If you're having issues with a screen reader or other adaptive technology, please email the UA's Disability Resource Center at

007真人网址Also check tips from these major ebook providers: