Creating your own computer network

A computer network is advantageous in sharing a single internet connection while using a broadband DSL or services from cabinet internet. The computer network provides a chance of using the same files and printers in getting your data from any of your computers’ printers. These computers network make it easier in transferring of files between the computers. This is an effective backup scheme through shifting from an old to a new computer. While creating a computer network, you need to have skills in configuring a network based on the Windows XP and how to add computers, adapters with network services to an existing network.

Modern computer network is cheaper in setting up if you have a few Windows computers for it only needs some planning and careful shopping. Before creating your computer network, be aware of the kind of network to be installed. The three types of Windows XP networks that you can choose from include the Workgroup network which offers basic services for the home or small offices. The other one is Domain network that is used in larger or spread-out organizations. Then there is Active Directory network used in large enterprises through allowing proper control and delegation of management responsibilities.

The devices needed while setting up

When making your computer network and you decide on Domain or Active Directory, you first needed to install Windows 2003 server, 2000 server or NT server. To make a good personal computer network, you need to focus on the right and helpful people around you. Always concentrate on people with a positive impact in your career.

The devices needed while setting up your computer network are, modem, router, firewall, switch, LAN cable/ patch cable, access point, repeater and patch panel. The Internet’s connection for your network should come from a cable of your IAP which is the service provider. These cables link your router to the firewall which filters the traffic transmitted through the cable and then connected to a switch. A modem is the abbreviated form of modulator demodulator, a hardware component that connects your devices to the networks. It is helpful in converting digital data into analog form to be transmitted through the cable. Since you might need your data to be transferred at a higher rate, it is advisable to use fiber optic cables for they are capable of transferring higher bandwidth over a longer distance.

Creating your own computer network

A router is the hardware used in transferring packets of data between networks. It should be connected to your network cable for both transmitting and receiving information from your internet. The three routers given by the Internet Service Providers after buying a subscription are not suitable to use while creating your internet for you will have to purchase one afterward.

In case you are located in a densely populated area, there is greater possibility that your network will be interfered from your neighbor’s. To avoid such interference, you should use a dual-band router in mitigating the interference. Always create a Service Set Identifier if you want to share your computer network with guests. Your Service Set Identifier different should have policies, encryption, authentication for proper security.