How Important is a Computer Network Today?

Almost every activity today is run by computers, unlike in the old days. More than a century ago, people used to count or calculate using stones, sticks which were hectic. This was until Charles Babbage shared his concept of an analog computer. In 1872, Sir William Thomson invented the first mechanical analog computer that made people’s work much easier. Since then, technology has been improving with more computer designs that you use today.

To enable the well-functioning of computers, connections were established that connected two or more computers to enable a smooth communication flow. The major purpose of computer networks is defined by the various types of computer networks. There are two main types of networks, Local Area Network and Wide Area Network.

Local Area Network, LAN, is a network that connects computers within a limited range. This could be apartments, office buildings, laboratories, schools, or university campuses. All that is possible through communication devices, including routers, coaxial cables, twisted pairs, and switches. It is advantageous to use LAN for its high data transfer rate, lower response time, highly safe, affordable, and hardware like hubs or adapters. LAN is a private network that is never controlled by an outside body like the government. It operates at the highest speed compared to other networks, Ethernet or token ring is part of the many methods for media access control.

Purposes of Local Area Network:

*Printers, hard disks, DVD ROMs, and computer resources share Local Area Network while it reduces buying more hardware

*Every data is kept safe as

*One institution can share the internet with all its users

*It is simple to transfer information from one central point to other computers that are connected to the same system

*Only one software is used across all networks for the users. There is no need of buying individually licensed software

*The server device can store data from all the users connected to the network into one hard disk

*Every data is kept safe as it allows data management to take place from one specific area. Clients are not worried about losing any piece of information.

How Important is a Computer Network Today?

Wide Area Network, WAN, unlike LAN, is spread over a large geographical area. Ever heard of companies having branches in outside countries? WAN is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of operations in every branch of a particular company. Schools or businesses can share data with students or customers who reside in countries different from where the main office is located. WAN is developed by separate service providers then rented to the government, schools, or the public. You can only have access to this network through links shared such as Virtual Private Network, VPN, or internet.

WAN uses serial connections while connecting to devices that are outside the main location of an organization. Different phone providers or phone companies are some carriers used to ensure the network is available to all users. WAN has allowed companies to establish their international joined network. All the files, including the most recent, can be accessed by all users.

Advantages of Wide Area Network are that WAN involves other devices like your phone, tablets, game consoles, and laptops to ensure communication is stable. It also helps businesses to diversify to other areas to extend their profits or other benefits. WAN makes communication easier, enabling a smooth flow of operations regardless of the distance.

Computer networking benefits a company or the public by solving a problem that a computer cannot manage independently. When a problem arises, it is divided into small pieces and distributed to different computers for simple answers. Once they are separately solved, they are sent back to the main server then combined with being delivered to the public in a simple and understandable mode.

The rise of technology has enabled growth in different sectors of each industry. This makes work easier as well as promotes growth. It was hard for the ancient people to pass information from one area to another, but the use of letters or smoke. Computers have simplified this hustle by computing or communicating data electronically. This mode is not only fast but also effective in realizing more benefits as well as meeting deadlines promptly.